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LED Wall Light

  • LED Wall Pack Light Waterproof

    LED Wall Pack Light Waterproof

    LED Wall Pack Light Waterproof uses an optimized structural design and sealing process that is water and dust resistant and can be used in wet, acid and alkaline environments.
    It uses LED integrated module as light source, low energy consumption and high luminous...
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  • Led Wall Pack Light

    Led Wall Pack Light

    Led Wall Pack Light adopts LED energy-saving light source, heating element shell design, light source cavity and electrical separation design, effectively control the temperature rise of each component, extend the service life of LED and other electronic components, and...Read More

  • LED Wall Pack Light Outdoor

    LED Wall Pack Light Outdoor

    LED Wall Pack Light Outdoor's drive power is encapsulated to ensure components are protected from corrosion.
    Its carefully designed three-chamber independent structure ensures the stable operation of all electronic components.
    It has a heat-dissipating air guiding...
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  • Led Wall Light 100w

    Led Wall Light 100w

    Led Wall Light 100w's circuit aluminum substrate is close to the aluminum alloy casing, which can instantly convert the point heat source into a surface heat source, and the heat dissipation area is multiplied, which facilitates the rapid dispersion of heat and improves the...Read More

  • Outer Wall Pack Light

    Outer Wall Pack Light

    ​Outer Wall Pack Light is formed by high-pressure aluminum alloy casting, and the surface is sprayed with high-pressure electrostatic spray to effectively improve the heat dissipation performance of the housing.
    In addition, it also has overvoltage protection,...
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  • 50w Led Wall Pack Light

    50w Led Wall Pack Light

    Such a 50w Led Wall Pack Light has a user-friendly design that fully appreciates its value to the user.
    So many friends chose this LED light, which is also due to its excellent quality and its superb design.
    Such a product uses imported chips and LED lighting to...
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  • Ip65 LED Wall Light

    Ip65 LED Wall Light

    For urban road lighting, creating a civilized residential community, and improving the living environment, there is an outdoor lighting is essential, that is, our common LED outdoor wall light.
    The advantages of Ip65 LED Wall Light are also very obvious.
    It is...
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  • China Led Wall Light

    China Led Wall Light

    Compared with other lighting products, China Led Wall Light will be more soft, which can not only achieve a certain decorative effect, but also meet the lighting requirements, and this kind of lighting will be more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
    Led wall...
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  • Led Wall Light 80w

    Led Wall Light 80w

    The Led Wall Light 80w is usually mounted on an outdoor wall, and some products can be mounted on the outdoor pole wall.
    Compared with indoor wall lamps, outdoor wall lamps have better waterproof performance, mostly closed structures.
    This can eliminate the...
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  • Indoor Led Wall Light

    Indoor Led Wall Light

    The led wall light is an indispensable device, which also represents a unique style of European architecture, which is unmatched by other styles of architecture.
    The emergence of Indoor Led Wall Lightled has better solved the problems of environmental protection, safety...
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  • 30w Led Wall Light

    30w Led Wall Light

    In terms of lighting, the choice of greener, energy-saving and healthy lighting products has become the mainstream of society.
    30w Led Wall Light has become an inevitable result of its excellent performance in terms of energy saving, environmental protection, efficiency...
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  • Led Wall Pack Light 40w

    Led Wall Pack Light 40w

    ​Led Wall Pack Light 40w is a LED wall lamp that is mounted on a wall or furniture wall with a light-emitting diode as a light source.
    Traditional wall lamps use halogen lamps, which have low luminous efficiency, relatively high power consumption, increased ambient...
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