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Intelligent Traffic Construction Is Rapid, LED Fill The Light Market Demand Is Booming
- Jan 02, 2019 -

With the increasing scale of private vehicles in cities, in order to maintain the order of urban vehicle management, the application of security electronic monitoring and other equipment plays an essential role in the management of urban road traffic. The advocacy of intelligent traffic also increases the equipment of electronic police at urban traffic junctions.

Construction status of intelligent traffic electronic police in various regions

Beijing: electronic eyes on roads with fake license plates will automatically alert the police

Recently, Beijing traffic management departments learned that from today, the city will carry out a special campaign to clean up motor vehicles involved in illegal license plate. The special action will focus on cracking down on counterfeiting, altering motor vehicle number plates or using other motor vehicle number plates, no licenses, no licenses and other illegal activities involving CARDS and certificates, and will focus on removing a number of production and sale of fake CARDS and certificates dens. Police said the crackdown will improve the technology identification ability of electronic monitoring equipment, and achieve automatic comparison and alarm.

Tianjin: community "electronic police" can recognize faces

The early-warning service network system invested over 70 million yuan in zhangjiawo town of xiqing district will weave a safety net for residents. Xiqing district responsible person said, "due to the large floating population, complex personnel, security management has been concerned about, the community installed more than 400 high-definition electronic monitors, become an important helper of community security." It is reported that the installation of monitoring system has deterred criminals from committing crimes, and the sense of security of community residents has been significantly enhanced. At present, the community has achieved full coverage of electronic monitoring. Each community has its own monitoring and control room, and arrange special personnel on duty. The integrated early warning service center is the nerve center of the whole early warning service network, which focuses on intelligent early warning and artificial early warning at all points in the town. Among them, intelligent early warning system includes face recognition, license plate recognition, personnel and vehicle density abnormal early warning, which is achieved artificially.

Hefei: hd electronic eyes can directly capture parked vehicles

The newly added 22 hd electronic monitoring stations in hefei railway station square can not only collect evidence for illegal and criminal ACTS such as robbery, illegal operation and lane occupation, but also capture illegal parking. "A total of 14 360-degree cameras and 8 fixed probes have been installed throughout the square area of hefei railway station." According to the railway station square comprehensive management monitoring center tang yunfei introduced, the probe is divided into service function, monitoring function and shock and awe function and other functions. The surveillance probe has such high resolution that every person walking on the square can see the facial features of every person walking on the square, and can even see the vehicle license plate number at a distance of 100 meters.

Nanchang: the coverage rate of road safety monitoring exceeds 50%

In 2013, nanchang municipal government included the second phase of intelligent traffic command center construction project into the municipal major key construction project plan, including video monitoring and electronic police construction. In 2013, the number of electronic police increased from 141 to 100, increasing the coverage rate from 30.5% to 52%. Video monitoring equipment has been added 200 sets on the basis of the original 200 sets, so that the video monitoring scope covers 50% of the intersection in the central urban area. Vehicle monitoring record bayonet in 36 sets of original, on the basis of a new 40 sets of motor vehicles in the city has been basically achieved the effective monitoring, especially in and out of the city of motor vehicle monitoring, complete coverage of basic implementation, to combat false card, set Pai vehicles and vehicles have been supervised seizing provides powerful technology. In addition to the addition of electronic police, nanchang traffic management departments will also strengthen the construction of traffic guidance system. At the end of 2013, 49 traffic guidance screens were completed and put into use. Next, continue to include the construction project of traffic guidance screen into the city's major key construction project plan in 2014.

Shenzhen: 4G covers hd electronic police applications

China mobile announced the official commercialization of 4G in guangzhou and shenzhen. The coverage density of 4G network in guangzhou and shenzhen ranks first in China, and the application of 4G leads the country in terms of its universality. 4G is widely used in industries such as instant news broadcast and high-definition electronic police. It is learned that at present, 4G network coverage has been basically realized in the main urban area of shenzhen, with the area reaching 1300 square kilometers and the coverage density ranking among the top in the country. At present, 4G network in shenzhen can support business applications covering municipal management, business office, residents' leisure, public transportation, industrial zone, cultural and educational district and other regions.

Dongguan: electronic police monitoring network has been preliminarily formed

In recent years, the number of vehicles in houjie district of dongguan has increased exponentially. At the same time, due to its location in the hub area of the pearl river delta region, it will make up for the management vacancy caused by insufficient police force due to its busy traffic, continuous traffic flow and the input and use of complete electronic monitoring equipment. From 2004 to now, houjie town began to add electronic police (including running red lights and speed capture), has invested about 18 million yuan, has built 71 electronic police units, divided into seven phases. The eighth phase is expected to cost 5 million yuan, and the ninth phase is expected to cost more than 3 million yuan. In phase 8 of the construction work, phase 5 to 8 of the electronic police system is using the current advanced high-definition technology. The front end of the hd electronic police bayonet system is a 5 megapixel hd camera host. Each camera is also equipped with an LED supplementary light to increase the effect of night shooting. It has video detection, track tracking, vehicle number plate recognition, blacklist control alarm and other functions.

Huizhou: enable electronic police capture

Huizhou city traffic police department in accordance with the provisions of the "new traffic regulations", the "electronic police" (video capture equipment) record the illegal traffic drivers to implement fen detention. Does fen deduction help reduce urban traffic violations? Recently, the reporter visited the city's intelligent traffic management command center learned that the deduction of fen to reduce urban traffic violations does have a significant effect, but the average "electronic police" can still capture more than 100 traffic violations every day.

Zhoushan: 600 new "electronic eyes" have been added in three years in dinghai, zhoushan.

Zhoushan dinghai launched a large-scale renovation of the "electronic eye" (security dynamic video monitoring system) in the urban area. It is planned that by the end of 2015, 600 new "electronic eyes" and 16 high-definition video security checkpoints will be added to cover the whole dinghai area.


With the development of urban traffic, LED intelligent traffic light supplement, as the patron saint of the traffic monitoring system, plays an irreplaceable role in assisting the camera to detect traffic information, monitor the road surface and record and take photos of vehicle violations. It has been widely used in the intelligent traffic management system. Intelligent traffic monitoring system more and more use of LED lights. Video monitoring equipment is widely used in rail transit, which promotes the construction of intelligent transportation and becomes the icing on the cake for the construction of smart city.

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