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LED Automotive Lighting Has Broad Prospects And Accelerated Layout Of Major Enterprises
- Dec 25, 2018 -

In recent years, with the continuous innovation of automobile industry technology, automation and automatic driving have become a new trend. Nowadays, many high-grade and middle-grade cars are equipped with adaptive lighting system. Advanced LED lighting system will gradually replace the traditional lighting system. According to the data of "Market Research Report of LED Automotive Lighting Industry 2018" of OFweek Industry Research Institute, the overall penetration rate of LED automobile lighting in China is still low, but the penetration rate of LED is increasing year by year, and the penetration rate of different parts of automobile lamps and lanterns is very different.

As can be seen from the figure above, the high brake lamp and rear combination taillight LED have the highest penetration rate; at the same time, due to the functional requirements, heat dissipation and optical difficulty of far and near headlights, fog lamps and other lamps, their penetration rate is the lowest, and there is still a huge LED penetration space in the market of LED automobile lighting far/near lights.

At the same time, from the point of view of output value, the market value of LED outside car is much larger than that of LED inside car. In the future, the proportion of LED outside car market will be higher and higher. The main reason is that the market penetration rate of LED inside car lighting is higher, the price declines faster than the growth rate, while LED outside car lighting, such as fog lamp, far and near light lamp, maintains a faster growth rate.

The automobile lighting market has broad prospects. Major enterprises are also concentrating on the innovation of lighting technology in order to seize the market opportunities. In addition to Philips, Osram, LG Electronics and other international giants, Mulinsen, Development Crystal, Hongli Zhihui and other domestic enterprises have also accelerated the layout. The following is the layout of some enterprises in the field of LED automobile lighting in the first half of 2018.

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