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LED Plant Growth Lights: They Grow Well Without Sunlight
- Jan 02, 2019 -

"LED plant growth lamps are lamps that use leds (light-emitting diodes) as the light source, instead of sunlight, to provide photosynthesis for plant growth. Through light quality regulation to control plant morphology, shorten the flowering and bearing time of plants, so that plants have more water and higher nutritional value, "said he yanliang, technical engineer of greenhouse of qinlong modern ecological intelligent creative agricultural park. LED plant growth lamp is an important technology in the field of vegetable cultivation for facilities. "There is no sunlight, but it grows pretty," he explained. "vegetables only absorb red orange light and blue violet light from sunlight. LED plant growth lamps can adjust the spectrum according to the needs of vegetable species and growth stage. Plants with long stems and leaves have more blue light, and flowers and fruits have more red light. Lettuce, which takes 50 to 60 days to grow, ripens in 20 days using LED plant growth lights.

Xu zhigang, a professor at the school of agriculture at nanjing agricultural university, said, "LED plant growth lamps are factory seedlings. They have more advantages than traditional light sources, which require 0.5 kilowatts of light per square meter. He believes that LED plant growth lamps have a lot of space to be used for the physical control of agricultural pests, and the LED light source with a specific wavelength can kill pests

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