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The LED Industry Is Shuffling Constantly. This Lighting Company Has Issued A Closing Notice.
- Dec 24, 2018 -

In 2018, the growth of the global LED market slowed down, and the growth momentum of enterprises was insufficient. While raw material prices and labor costs continue to rise, the price of LED products has been declining, resulting in the compression of profit margins, which affects the performance of LED companies.

The market competition has intensified and the industry has shuffled. After the bankruptcy and liquidation of Guangdong Matsumoto and the suspension of production by Otis, Shenzhen Zhaocheng Electronics Co., Ltd. also issued a notice on the company's closing.

Shenzhen Zhaocheng Electronics Co., Ltd. said that at the beginning of 2018, the company's transition from the European market to the US market did not result in actual progress. It was a year-round loss and a serious shortage of capital turnover. It has been difficult to continue operations. The company decided in November 2018. Closed on the 30th. The main person in charge of the supplier (can be decisive) is to reconcile the Zhaocheng company before 2 pm on December 5, 2018 and confirm the subsequent payment of the payment.

According to public information, Shenzhen Zhaocheng Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, the main business scope is the development, production and sales of LED/LAMP lighting source technology; technology development and sales of electronic products and electronic components; domestic trade, goods And technology import and export.

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